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Goldintegrated offers technical services covering all phases from basic design to installation to commissioning and handover.

We have a strong collaboration team of specialists and Project Mangers capable to support our potential clients throughout the project, including FEED, design reviews, construction, material & spares, FAT, SAT, Field inspections, pre-commissioning and commissioning of power generation systems. Such services are provided, both at onshore power plants and at offshore rigs, floaters and vessels.

In particular, for the offshore rigs, floaters and vessels, we are also capable to provide Ex inspection service for the hazardous area following the standards required.

Goldintegrated ensures that the projects are manned with sufficient resources and technical expertise.

We are committed to maintain high standards of HSE at all projects, throughout the project phases. Our safety management team is well versed with the Energy sector HSE requirements and align with client’s requirements during the project execution.

Goldintegrated with its extended network of partnerships, as well offer consultancy services for the Photovoltaic consultancy and Renewable energy consultancy.

Goldintegrated with its collaborated strength of consultancy, is able to provide Construction Management Service including;